Big Blue, What?

In 2009, the Diabetes Hands Foundation, a diabetes empowerment organization based out of Berkeley, CA, began a movement called the Big Blue Test. The DHF developed a simple technique that has the potential to help anyone, diabetic or not, stay on top of his or her health. “Test… Get Active… Test Again” is truly a motto to live by.  Not only is this movement inspiring… movement, it is also raising money (donated by Rosche Diabetes Care) to provide grant opportunities to other organizations who are also working to raise awareness and make a difference in the diabetes community. The Big Blue Test benefits everyone. It is for me! It is for you! And guess what!? It is coming back this year, bigger than ever. The DHF has released a goal of helping 20,000 people with diabetes. I will be one of those 20,000. Will you?

To see more about what the DHF is doing and how you can get involved, visit or take the leap right now! Jump our of your seat and check your sugar level…jog to your closet, lace up those tennies, and move your body for 12-15 minutes in any way you want. Dance, jog, jump-rope, hula-hoop, climb, swim, shoot hoops! Let your body thank you for working to lower those sugars and for letting it join the movement.

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Will be here

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Thank you for visiting Beta Connect! We are a newly forming Diabetes Empowerment organization dedicated to serving diabetics everywhere! We are currently serving the Bay Area with hopes of reaching more areas in the future. This site will be updated and have more information soon. If you would like to know more than what is here please feel free to contact us at 510 730 2194 or email us at

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