Beta Connect aims to improve the lives of the children faced with the challenges and struggles of life with diabetes by helping them to understand their personal diabetes story and dynamic relationship to it.  uniT-1 is a mentorship program designed to open dialogue and create partnerships that have the capacity to build and strengthen the diabetes community as a whole. We feel that participating in this program will improve the lives of youth living with diabetes as well as those living around them, and will thus foster a tighter diabetes community in the Bay Area.


Insulliance is a collaboration with Beta Connect and the endocrinology department at Children’s Hospital & Research Center Oakland. Insulliance connects young adults who have been living with diabetes with newly diagnosed youth and youth struggling to manage their diabetes.  During a clinic visit or a hospitalization, young diabetics may elect to speak with a mentor for support or for finding out about local activities and events happening in the area for diabetics and their families.

Diabetics Empowered:

Beta Connect was formed by young adult Diabetics living the the Bay area who felt a need and desire to reach out and connect with others who face the challenges of  the type-1 lifestyle. At UC Berkeley, Diabetics Empowered is a newly registered student group dedicated to establishing a supportive and empowering environment for diabetics on campus. Diabetics Empowered will be starting in Fall 2012 and will host social and informative events as well as workshops and seminars for incoming freshman and high school students as they transition to college life.

To find out more please fill out a contact box, email at or call (510) 730 2194

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